SMOKED - Lox-Style BC Black Cod - 4oz


Ingredients: black cod, sea salt, brown sugar, natural wood smoke. Tiny slices of luscious. Makes everything better. The new bacon. Caught and smoked in BC, and brought down to Bellingham by Vital Choice, these 4oz packs come with several thin slices.


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Support your Fishermen -- ride the black cod train while it's hot.  Did You Know? Fishermen are paid as much as $9/lb for black cod in some years, thanks to supply and demand. There's not a whole lot of quota, and a lot of vessels carry multiple quota.  They'll carry 'primary' quota - the fish they target most of the time, but opportunistically wait for the right time to target their 'back-pocket' quota - the fish they have enough quota for to make it worthwhile but isn't their mainstay.  Once, as a federal observer, Algrano owner witnessed flatfish, rockfish, and black cod gear sets all in one 2-day fishing trip!  Respect.