PORTIONS - Alaska Halibut - 10-12oz (BIG SIZE!)


Longlined under the strictest of quota in southeast Alaska, this halibut is coming straight from the fishermen! Product is skinless, boneless, chemical-free, and frozen once. Each piece is a whopping shareable 10-12oz portion.


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Did You Know?  In Alaska commercial fisheries, halibut is considered one of five "prohibited species", meaning if you don't have specific quota for it, you are not allowed to keep it and it MUST be discarded at sea. Halibut are also protected and therefore MUST be gently handled to ensure optimum survival chances once released. Federal observers (Algrano owner used to be one) are residents on board to document any foul play (rare) but the regulation, laid out with the best of intentions, has resulted in an impractical use of time and thorn in the side of many deckhands.  While hauling catch on board, the whole operation must pause when halibut are landed so they can be "gently released". Jokes of fluffy pillows for their heads are made.  Cigarettes are smoked. Eyes roll until pragmatism is re-instilled and all is right with the world.