Algrano Pink Pack

Temporarily Out

Ever notice stretching out "omega" kind of sounds like "oh mah Gaahhhhd!"? These two things go together in this pinkfish power punch. Train your palette towards what salmon and trout should taste like, and become a connoisseur in both wild and farmed - because good clean aquaculture needs love too.


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  • 5-7oz Alaska sockeye portions - 2 portions
  • 5-7oz San Juan reefnet keta portions - 2 portions
  • 5-7oz Skagit coho portions - 2 portions
  • ~1lb surprise salmon fillet (could be AK sockeye, SJ reefnet sockeye, or Skagit coho) - 1 fillet
  • 5-7oz Plymouth Springs rainbow trout fillet - 2 fillets

Substitutions not possible but let us know what you'd like to see in a variety pack.