Alaska Snow Crab Legs -3/4-1lb Clusters

Queen of the Crab, harvested in Bering Sea crab pots during the winter, processed in Alaska and frozen once for Alaska Select Seafoods. ~7-8 clusters per case.


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Yes these are the "Deadliest Catch" boats.  No the weather does not always as bad as on the TV show.  Fun fact: Algrano owner once worked as a federal fisheries observer (read resident biologist) on Bering Sea commercial fishing vessels, and while she never served on a crabber, she was ported with them frequently.  One time a fellow observer baked cookies for Sig Hansen when the F/V Northwestern was tied up during a storm, much to the chagrin of the other observers.  This peer, however, did obtain an autograph and bragging rights, so the moral of the story is it's all about trade offs.

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