10LB CASE SMOKED - San Juan Reefnet Sockeye - (40) 4-5oz Portions


We've been nibbling down this uncommonly succulent sockeye run for about a year now, and all good things must end. The last 1000 lbs has been smoked. Typical Bristol Bay sockeye fat content is 13-15% but these babies came in around 22-28%. Save $1 per piece and order cases for OCTOBER PICKUP ONLY. This product has a 2-year shelf life in the freezer and a 45 day shelf life unopened in the fridge. It won't last that long. Ingredients: sockeye salmon, salt, brown sugar, hardwood smoke. 40 portions per 10lb case, 4-5oz each, vacuum-sealed, skin-on, big bones removed.


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*Monterey Bay's Seafood Watch program should be considered like a "Wikipedia". Good place to start but shouldn't be your end all. You have to look beyond the color rating on the website for the actual assessment reports to dig in. Often the reports will be outdated (they can only cover so many fisheries per year), and are also filtered through strictly environmental interests which aren't necessarily balanced (see Seafood Guide Eval_Rohiem 2009.pdf for more on that.)

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