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Business closing in May 2020.

Stock your freezers during the remaining monthly pickups!

Closing Announcement

Closing Announcement
Dear AF Community,
After several weeks fraught with intense discussion, and with very mixed feelings, I announce that I am pregnant and closing the business in May 2020. Algrano Fish is only two years old and in order to make it viable requires at least another 1-2 years of a pace our new lifestyle change just won’t allow for.

My heart has been warmest and my fist pumped the highest when I hear you tell me how you’re basically now a pescatarian because of the fish I source. Not only are we choosing animal protein with much less environmental impact, we are also getting such a wider variety of nutrients, learning to be more open to responsibly farmed fish (trout), and training our palates to demand quality and purity. The fish I procure is available in the marketplace, it’s just mostly available only to restaurants.

Over the next few months I am still open for business but with some changes, now reflected on the website:
  • As you purchase fish you will see I will not be replenishing stock. When it’s gone it’s gone. Feel free to email me for exact counts if you’re looking to make a clean sweep.
  • As I finish selling individual pieces in currently open cases I will transition to only selling the remaining inventory by the case. Product of this quality will last at least a year in the freezer, don’t be afraid to stock up or horsetrade with friends.
  • I will be servicing four pickup locations: Fremont, Lake City, Duvall, and Issaquah.
In the meantime I will be making a list of recommended suppliers/brands to look for in grocery stores or directly from suppliers in order to help you continue to demand better seafood. I will dearly miss bridging this gap for you, but am looking forward to maintaining a connection among this lovely community we have built together.

With all the warmth in my heart,
Algrano Jess


How It Works

 Order online anytime, choose pick up location during checkout. Pick up fish during monthly pickup block.

1. HOW

Sign up for the mailing list to receive monthly notifications of order deadlines, supply changes, and market events.

Fish is offered on a per piece basis. All products are individually vacuum-packed unless otherwise noted.                                                         $50 minimum order, even after any discounts applied. Email to inquire about discounted bulk purchases.                                                                            





    Select pickup location during checkout. Expect email 1/20 to confirm final logistics.  


                                     Fall 2019 Pick Up Schedule

Mondays:   JAN 20

Lake City  5:30-6:30pm

Wednesdays:   JAN 22

Fremont  5:30-6:30pm

Saturdays:  JAN 25

Duvall  9:30-10am

Issaquah 10:30-11am


Pick up blocks vary each season to stay within daylight hours. We generally aim to close orders the first week of the month and coordinate pick up the second week of the month. We appreciate your flexibility here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bring your coolers to pick up your order during your designated time block. 

Load up your freezer and enjoy clean, simple dinner!


"Algrano" is a street phrase used in Spain meaning, "Talk straight with me". We promise to talk straight with you. This is our nourishment, after all.

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The Owner

The Owner
Jess McCluney has been closely involved in fisheries and seafood for the past 15 years from working aboard Alaskan fishing vessels to publishing research  on the socioeconomic sustainability of global tuna fisheries, to corporate sustainability and procurement at two large North American seafood companies, to starting her own business as a direct-to-consumer Seattle seafood supplier. In addition to Algrano Fish, Jess remains an independent contractor in the corporate seafood sustainability landscape with both the private sector and NGOs, as well as public universities.

Jess holds a Masters in Marine Management from Dalhousie Univeristy and has worked onsite with harvesters, processors, fishery managers, and research institutions across 6 continents in her career span.

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  • Orders close 1st week of every month.
  • Pick up 2nd week of every month.